Heart Of Gold Blonde Ale

4.5% ABV • 22 IBU • 3.4 SRM
Malts: Pale, Pilsner, Crystal 10L
Hops: CTZ, Jarrylo, Huell Melon, Mandarina Bavaria

New to craft beer? AWESOME! Heart of Gold Blonde Ale is your gateway to our world of handcrafted beer. It also happens to make for a great session beer. Heart of Gold is primarily made with Rahr Pale 2 Row and Weyerman Pilsner malts, creating a light malt flavor that is not overwhelming. The Centennial and Mandarina Bavaria hops keep things aromatic and interesting. Expect flavors of light citrus, particularly tangerine. This beer is an easy-sipper with enough character to please your palate.

Porch Song Pale Ale

5.5% ABV • 37 IBU • 6.8 SRM
Malts: Pale, Lt Munich, Crystal 15L, Carahell
Hops: CTZ, Cascade, Citra

Slight undertones of toasted malt on the nose are offset with fresh citrus hop aromas. A touch of crystal malt lends a subtle sweetness that is quickly overtaken by the juicy and oh so subtle bitterness of grapefruit and orange hop flavors. Dry hopping provides a boost of juicy citrus aromas. Porch Song Pale Ale is laid back, much like our approach to craft beer here at Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen.

Rising Sun IPA

6.6% ABV • 50 IBU • 7.5 SRM
Malts: 2-Row, Light Munich, Patagonia C55, Rye
Hops: CTZ, Centennial, Mosaic, Azacca

Soft biscuit flavor and a slight spiciness from a touch of rye. The malt profile supports an intense tropical bouquet of orange, mango, passion fruit and a touch of spice. We loaded our hop back with whole cone Mosaic hops for an added burst of aroma and flavor. The amazing aroma kicks your senses into high gear. What follows is a perfectly balanced and easy drinking IPA with excellent mouth feel and citrusy hop flavor. And despite the massive array of hops used in the brewing process, this IPA doesn’t wreck your palate with too much hop bitterness. A standout among our handcrafted beers. Pairs well with multiple games of bocce ball and Galaga!

White Rabbit Belgian Wit

5% ABV • 19 IBU • 4.5 SRM
Malts: Wheat, Pilsner, Golden Naked Oats
Hops: Mittlefrau, Saaz

A Belgian style beer that is smooth and refreshing. Its hazy appearance comes from a heavy dose of wheat malt. Orange peel, lemon peel and coriander are added after whirlpool to enhance that classic flavor profile derived from high quality Belgian Wit yeast. White Rabbit is moderately sweet, slightly spicy and always refreshing. Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know! Served with (or without) an orange slice.

Seasonal Offerings

Midnight Rider Robust Porter

6.4% ABV • 35 IBU • 34.5 SRM
Malts: Maris Otter, Munich II, Patagonia Crystal 45, Chocolate Malt, Black Malt
Hops: Magnum, Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria

Nearly black in color with ruby highlights and a dark brown head. A rich, creamy mouth-feel complements a layered depth of flavors. You will experience intense flavors of dark-roasted malt with distinct notes of chocolate and coffee. Our version of the classic English porter is perfectly balanced with traditional hop varieties. Just enough earthy/floral hop flavor to withstand the roasted malt profile. Full of flavor, yet easy to drink.

Jambi Imperial Black IPA

8.9% ABV • 92 IBU • 38.7 SRM
Malts: Maris Otter, Light Munich, Carafa III, Melanoidin
Hops: CTZ, Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe

This Imperial Black IPA, or Cascadian Dark Ale, is a wild dream come true. This hybrid ale pours thick, opaque and dark with a deep brown head. Dank aromas of pine, resin and spice assault your nose. Underneath you will notice a malt profile that produces an oh-so slightly roasted aroma of coffee and light espresso. Upon first sip, you realize that we meant business when we said that dank, piney, resinous and spicy hops were used in this beer. The hops carry throughout the entire palate, leaving a lingering bitterness. After your taste buds have calmed down, you will pick up on the subtle roasted flavors produced hand-selected specialty malts that also provide the dark color. The mouth-feel is on the drier side and is not as full-bodied as you might expect from such a dark beer. Drink it in deep and slow, you’re sure to be in love with the dark side you’ve found.